Thin Ties And Fashion – Here to stay

Thin Ties – What started out as a Pattern is now here to remain!

Thin ties have been used by Stars, Footballers and Trendy Bands over 2014, everybody in the industry thought this would be a 6 month stage.  However Silk ties and Polyester ties have actually slowly got thinner given that being used. When you open the tabloid paper or the most recent celebrity publications it is obvious that this is the preferred design for male celebs.

The Typical Thin tie is between 4.5 cms to 5.5 cms with truly Skinny ties at 3.5 cms. This is a far cry from the style which was around even 4 years earlier when individuals chosen thicker design ties.Thin Plain colours sell strongest with Black Silk/ Polyester ties offering the most, recently Paisley thin ties and Stripe thin ties are more typically being purchased as manufacturers realise that patterned ties remain in need in this size.  We have also seen the standard size of ties boil down from 9.5 cms to between 8 and 8.5 cms provide a neater sharper look when used with a trendy suit.

We have also seen the conventional length of ties increase from 142cms to in between 146-150cms over the last 3 years providing the consumer more options of how to knot their ties.Is the Kipper tie Dead? Well it would appear the customer has for the moment decided so. Nevertheless, I feel that this will not hold true in the near future. Designs and trends are continuously altering and what is popular among customers today may not hold true tomorrow. What ever takes place today and tomorrow in terms of fashion and trends, it makes certain that ties will

continuously stay popular among elegant men. What is not known, is which kind of ties will be the next fad and pattern. For a remarkable selection of online bow ties or country ties please go to